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Roofs That Weather the Storm: Hail Resistant Roofs

Product: Malarkey Legacy Sienna Blend

We installed this Malarkey Legacy Sienna Blend roof in 2016, a week before the worst hailstorm in Colorado Springs history. The result? A broken skylight. The Malarkey  Legacy impact resistant shingle was not significantly damaged like other roofs in the neighborhood.


For this Skyway customer, we were able to give new life to an old flat roof using a special coating product called GACOFlex. This product comes with a 50 year warranty from the manufacturer. Click here to here to hear about this customer’s experience with Rampart Roofing or visit www.GACO.com to learn more about this product. Or watch a video about this customer’s experience with Rampart Roofing and why she choose the GACO product.

Malarkey Windsor Natural Wood, Impact Resistant Roof

This project required removing an existing shake roof. Since shake roofing is more easily flammable than other roofing products, the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department requires a different shingle or tile to be installed when replacing this type of roof. The Bank at Broadmoor (now Independent Bank) chose the Malarkey Windsor product for its shake-like look and ability to withstand hail.

Specialty Roofing Products: A Unique Look for Your Roof

Boral Roofing Tile, Villa 900 Rocky Mountain Cobblestone

A special roof for a special house, this Boral Roofing Tile created a lifetime look of elegance for this customer in the Upper Skyway Neighborhood. This product will protect their roof from hail for many years to come. Watch a video about their roofing experience with Rampart Roofing.

Copper Roof

This Rockrimmon home sustained fire damage during the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire. The owners wanted a unique look for their roof when they rebuilt. The copper roofing panels and flashings give this roof a glow all of its own.

Decra Shake XD Pinnacle Gray

This Broadmoor house took advantage of the Decra product to replace their shake roof with a fire-resistant product while maintaining a similar look. This concrete tile is a great way to maintain the distinctive look of shake.

Historic Roof Replacements in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Old North End

Colorado Springs’ Old North End is a designated Historic District. Roofing a historic home or building like this one on North Cascade requires a special permit to ensure that the products used maintain the historic beauty of the home. This re-roof project required removing the original cedar shingle roof. This neighborhood posts its guidelines for construction projects on their site at http://oldnorthend.org/.

The Independent

The Independent, or “the Indy” to locals, is an edgy source of original, local news and culture that was founded in the early ‘90s by John Weiss and Kathryn Carpenter Eastburn. The Indy is currently located in the beautiful simplicity of the Old United Brethren Church, a historic local building.

Ivywild Revitalization

When we think about roofing Colorado Springs, we often think about the work we’ve done in Ivywild, the neighborhood where we live and work in Westside Colorado Springs.

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