Fountain, Colorado Roofing Company

  • Rental properties are abound in this area. We work with property managers to schedule roof inspections and repairs at their tenant’s convenience.
  • Older roofs in the Fountain/Security/Widefield area may require additional work. Some roofs still have multiple layers of shingles due to overlaying new roofs on old roofs. This is no longer allowed under the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department code.
  • Older roofs may also need new decking. Many factors contribute to this including the use of ⅜” plywood instead of ½” and non-ventilated or under-ventilated attic spaces. In an under-ventilated attic space, the temperature stays much hotter. Over the years that excess heat breaks down the decking and the shingles faster than when the attic is properly ventilated.  
  • Roofing contractors working in the City limits of Fountain are required to have a business license with the city.
  • New roofs in this area still need inspection when a hail storm hits. Hail hits can damage even a roof recently installed on new construction.