Peyton, Colorado Roofing Company

  • Wind may cause more damage in this area than in other parts of El Paso County. Shingles on the ground easily indicate wind damage, but some issues cannot be seen from the ground. Getting a roofing inspection can help stop a roofing problem before it damages other parts of the home’s structure.
  • Wind-driven hail can damage even new roofs. It’s always good to have a trustworthy, licensed roofing contractor inspect your roof after a hail or wind storm.The size and density of hail will determine whether or not there is damage, not the age of the roof.
  • Newer communities may require specific roofing products and colors. Getting approval for this takes additional time and may delay a roofing project.
  • Fire rated roofing products are important in this area. It’s advisable to request fire resistant and hail resistant roofing products with an extended warranty when installing a new roof.