Why Choose Rampart?

Family Owned, for 10 Years

Matt Munro started his career in roofing during a hail storm in Colorado Springs in 1996. Due to his natural ability to connect with people, he thrived as a roofing estimator and created relationships with clients that still exist today. His wife Melissa joined him in 2009 to begin building Rampart Roofing into a relationship-centered company that continues to grow with referrals and great reviews. Deeply rooted in the Colorado Springs West Side, their children attend D-12 schools only a few minutes from their home and office.

Matt & Melissa Munro, Owners, Rampart Roofing

We Educate our Customers

The roofing industry has a less than stellar reputation. Rampart Roofing is changing the status quo. Our unique process teaches customers what to look for in a roofing contractor as well as what the best procedures and products are for their specific Colorado Springs roofing project. Our detailed estimates tell exactly what will be installed in a repair or re-roof project. And we explain why each product is important to the life time and weather-resistance of a roof. We want our customers to know exactly what they’re getting, and that’s one of the biggest things that makes us different from any other roofing contractor in the area.

Help with Understanding Insurance

At Rampart Roofing we specialize in roofing insurance claims. Our goal is help each client understand the complex insurance process and to advocate for fair settlement with insurance companies on our clients’ behalf.

We’re Very Local!

From our office on 8th Street to our homes scattered throughout the city, our team lives and works in the neighborhoods of Colorado Springs. Only a local company with employees who live and work in the area can truly understand the needs of the customers they serve. Only a local roofing company who’s licensed in El Paso County and the surrounding communities truly commits to standing behind their warranties and ensuring that customers have someone to call in any situation today–or ten years from now. The growth and life of our families and our company depends on the local economy and the relationships we build around us.

Assistance with Financing Issues

Whether it’s an insurance claim or not, financing offers a way to pay for upgrades or simply to use cash on hand for emergencies or other projects. Rampart Roofing offers several ways to finance your new roof.